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Our school

(801)452-4540  |  1160 West 4400 South, Ogden Utah 84405

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Our School received $54,000 in discretionary money to spend for academic improvement this year:

Did you know the School Community Council voted to spend the funds

for Instructional Aides and replacement of aging instructional equipment (projectors)?

Did you know that Utah received 7 million acres of land at statehood to generate funding for schools?  Half of the land remains in a trust for public education.  The School and Institutional Trust Lands Aministration (SITLA) manages the trust land.  The School and Institutional Trust Funds Office (SITFO) invests the endowment funds and the annual interest and dividends from the fund is how the School Land Trust Program receives the annual allocation.  That is how our school receives this discretionary money.

For more information, please contact:
School Community Council Chair:  Annette Hall
School Employee Members:  Liz Staten
Principal:  Lindsay Baird


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