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Our school

(801)452-4540  |  1160 West 4400 South, Ogden Utah 84405

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The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. on January 18, 2018, in the Riverdale Elementary School Library

In attendance:  Liz Staten, Jodi Brown, Kris Hirschi, Jen McBride, Brian Hall, Annette Hall, Alan Noland, Becky Taylor & Melanie Johnson.

Introduction to Training Film - asked to please watch on your down time.

A - Budget:

     $48,669 Received with Classroom Aides budgeted for $18,000, 7 new projectors purchased and $29,000 remaining.

B - Reading Horizons Data:

     1 - 4 intense work

     5 & 6 in class L.A,

     1st Grade - most were red at start 80% now at blue and green. 

      75% of students didn't know short vowel sounds in August

     $ pays for their time with the students

     Simplifies qualifying students for Special Education

C - Positive Behavior Data:

     Care Bucks - Recording data to track positive and negative interactions

     Care Store - Activities and Events - Need donations for store - Annette Hall was asked to send information home regarding this program.

D - SHARP Survey Data indicates:

     Huge in increase alcohol use

     Huge inhalant issue

     Prescription use up

     Carried a handgun was mention

     Feel like not a part of community

     Suicidal feelings

     Are we getting into homes to help families?  Brian Hall

     Weber Human Services working with 28 families at Riverdale

E - Video Trustlands:

     Introduced training film:  "Utah's Education Endowment"

F - Upcoming plan 2018-2019:

     Feb/Mar we will have an amount

G - Other items of business:

     Email information and data out to C.C. before next meeting.

     Alan Noland will look at SHARP Survey Data and analyze for us

Meeting adjorned.

Next Community Council Meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. at Riverdale Elementary School Library.




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