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Attendees:  Jennifer McBride, Candice Zumbrun, Jamie Martin, Melanie Johnson, Taunya James, Brian Hall, Becky Taylor


Brian Hall called the meeting to order


Melanie Johnson reviewed the financial reports for 2017-2018 school year


Jamie Martin reviewed the data from today’s leadership meeting.  Riverdale is currently sitting at about 70% growth for appropriate growth in DIBELs.  Upper grades concentrated on writing last year. In years past, our highest area of need was writing.  Last year, it was the lowest area of need - the fewest students below proficiency. This year’s data shows the following below benchmark:  16 first grade, 10 2nd, 16 3rd, 16 below 4th, 11 below 5th, and 5 below in 6th. The scores show that Reading Horizon program is effective intervention.


Aides are being provided for intensive phonics.  Projector replacement is complete. OUr budget is $54,000.  It is based on enrollment and our enrollment is down. 75% goes to provide aide services.  The rest is supporting Professional Development and finished the projector replacement.


One-to-one devices are being rolled out.  Every 4 years, lease is renewed. Students will be able to use the tech at school during the first roll out and then will be able to take it home.  Lease renewals cost the school $8,000 each lease. OUr school has 3 current lease. Jamie - new Chromebooks are touch screen. Mrs. McBride - Amazed what the students are learning with technology (second grade student).  4 teachers have become level 1 Google Certification. Others are almost ready to take the test. Google Forms allowing 5th/6th to take tests and helps the teachers grade faster.


Technology being used in the school and what teachers and students are learning by experience.  Saves time in grading and allowing quicker reteaching for the classes. Pretests are being used to reduce the amount of time needed for a subject, making it user friendly.  Fast learning curve for teachers.


End of last year: Question was posed - NOVA possibility to push down to 4th grade?  Currently no. The amount of time needed to bring it down to lower grades would require more time by the officers and they do not have the manpower or finances to expand the program.  Good feedback from students about 5th/6th rotations.


The dodgeball game for NOVA Police versus students will need to be moved to rec center or off campus due to restrictions from district.  Insurance issue/cost. Possible: Joe McBride is NOVA certified and might be able to come teach some lessons to 5th grade since they have a 5th grade student.


Jamie described a peer pressure lesson from NOVA about colors and changing students ideas through peer pressure.  Stated it was a good lesson.


Brian went over the coming meetings including budget.  February 28 and April 18, numbers due. We have a meeting on April 11 to meet the deadline.  


Brian adjourned us.

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