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Community Council Meeting Notes for January 10, 2019

In Attendance: Jodi Brown, Jennifer McBride, Kris Hirshi, Taunya James, and Melanie Johnson

  • 5:00PM:  Meeting called to order
  • 5:10PM:  Review of budget by Melanie Johnson
    • Out of $54,000, so for $11,391 have been spent on salaries for paraprofessionals
    • Most of the funds will go to salaries over the year
  • 5:15PM:  DIBELs and Core Phonics Assessments update
    • Results for grades 1 and 2 were presented by Melanie Johnson
      • 13 (22%) made progress, 5 (1%) dropped down in first grade
      • 8 (12%) made progress,
    • Explanation of benchmark minimum levels was given
    • First grade has added subtests midyear of 3 - 1 minute timings and second grade has the removal of Correct letter Sounds (CLS) and Whole Words Read (WWR) subtests midyear.
    • Interventions are specific targeted instruction with small groups
      • Paraprofessionals paid for by Trustlands are integral to interventions
  • 5:30PM:  Accountability report is out and can be found on or other news
    • School growth scores are being shown, there is no letter grade starting this year
    • Growth scores show typical growth with attendance at 83%
    • Growth from last year shows above average growth
  • 5:40PM:  The school is working on becoming a Trauma Centered School
    • We have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in addition to our school counselor
    • Riverdale has a high population with past trauma that affects behaviors and learning
    • Trauma students are not new to Riverdale and we have some new move ins with trauma
  • 5:45PM:  Attendance
    • Attendance is an issue at Riverdale
      • We have many students arriving late and/or leaving early frequently
      • 83% good attendance reported on accountability reports
      • 1st letter from school goes home after 10 days absent
        • All absences count including excused by parents, doctor
      • We have 1 case that went to court for resolution
  • 5:50PM:  ELL Influx
    • We are experiencing more ELL students and homeless population
    • We do not receive Title 1 funds to help with additional needs
  • 6:00PM:  Food Assistance
    • We currently give out food packs to students in need, especially over weekends and vacations
    • Jodi discussed Granite Schools solution for their hungry students.  She will research and bring more information to our next meeting
    • Other options discussed included a collection box for uneaten/unopened food in the cafeteria to be given to students after lunch has ended - Mel will check on possibility of collecting unopened food and federal laws about this
  • 6:20PM:  Meeting ended

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