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Meeting Minutes

Riverdale Elementary Community Council

Location: Riverdale Elementary

September 26, 2019 5:00 PM

In attendance:

Brian Hall

Allan Noland

Lindsay Baird

Kelly Mecham

Liz Staten-Absent

Kris Hirshi-Absent

Jennifer McBride

Becky Taylor-Absent

Candace Zumbrum-Absent

  • ·Mr. Hall called the meeting to order. Participants were welcomed. All parents have served on the committee for several years. Mr. Hall and Mrs. Baird distributed Trustland and school materials which included training information, yearly meeting dates, meeting agenda, etc…
  • ·Previous minutes were approved.
  • ·Training information was provided.
  • ·Rules of Order and Procedures were reviewed. Revisions were made by the committee. Mr. Hall motioned to approve the Rules and Procedures. Mr. Noland second the motion. The Rules and Procedures were approved.
  • ·Mrs. Baird reviewed how funds were spent last year and the current plan. DIBELS results showed that students were not making enough growth to maintain their grade level progress as DIBELS scores had dropped after the BOY benchmark.
  • ·Mrs. Baird reviewed current adjustments being made (i.e. new Reading Horizon’s curriculum, new intervention model, Child Study process).
  • ·Mrs. Baird reviewed school safety. Bullying is the biggest concern. Mrs. Baird will look into the Watch DOGS program. The only concern is if there are enough dads to implement the program.
  • ·A letter needs to be sent to the district Community Relations Director, Lane Findlay requesting a secure vestibule be installed. Mrs. Baird suggested that the letter come from the Community Council as parent voices may be beneficial. Mrs. McBride stated that she would write the letter on behalf of the council. The letter should include staff concerns (see PDF), Riverdale crime rates compared to other neighboring communities, unique circumstances that Riverdale Elementary manages (i.e. park, parking lot).
  • ·Elections were held. Mrs. McBride was voted as the Community Chair, Mr. Hall was voted as the Vice Chair, Mr. Nolland will continue to be the Secretary.
  • ·Motion to adjourn the meeting was made and the meeting was adjourned. 

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