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community council meeting notes

Date: 10/19/20

Place: Time:  5:00 pm

The following Council Members were present: 

Brian Hall

Allan Noland

Lindsay Baird

Debbie Stevens

Jennifer McBride

Lyndsey Minnich


Community Council Meeting October 19, 2020

Meeting called to order by Jen Mcbride Seconded by Brian Hall 

Elections conducted 

Jen Mcbride - Chair

Brian Hall - Vice Chair

Allan Noland - Secretary

Dates of the meetings discussed tentative schedule moved a meeting off of Martin Luther King Day

Voting on positions took place after the discussion of the dates of the meetings for the rest of the year.

COVID - 19 Procedural review

  • Positive feedback on mitigation plans no intra classroom spread has been reported
  • Very few cases and most have been taken care of very early in the disease process so spread has been mitigated very effectively
  • Some concerns about the janitorial needs as the weather turns colder and lunchtime for some of the grades moves to their classroom instead of outside.

Review of reading metrics.

  • We have been able to get our hands on the 95% plan which we hope will improve our reading situation.  The reading staff is still evaluating the new program
  • Weber online will expand to the k-6 grades thanks to funds from the weber county commission This will take pressure of in person educators to facilitate the online learning
  • Debbie mentioned - having the online kids offloaded from the teachers is a huge help.


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