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Our school

(801)452-4540  |  1160 West 4400 South, Ogden Utah 84405

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coming soon

Lindsay Baird, Principal

coming soon

Jessie Smith, Office Manager

coming soon Debra Mines, Nurse; MSN, RN Office  
coming soon Quade Standley, Head Custodian Office  
Trostle Margie Liz Staten, Office Assistant Office  
Poulter Jennifer Jennifer Grizzell, Teacher Kindergarten  
coming soon Kendra Paul, Teacher First Grade  
Yorgason Suzanne20 Suzanne Yorgason, Teacher First Grade  
Jensen Dana Ranel Cox, Teacher First/Second Grade  
coming soon Camille Larkin, Teacher Second Grade  
Palmer Stacie Stacie Palmer, Teacher Second Grade  
Lund Jaime Jaime Lund, Teacher Third Grade
Ivey Michael Mike Ivey, Teacher Third Grade
Smith Tenniel Tenniel Smith, Teacher Third Grade

Stevens Debora Debbie Stevens, Teacher Fourth Grade  
Carrigan Kallee Kallee Carrigan, Teacher Fourth Grade  
coming soon Alexis Olsen, Teacher Fifth Grade  
Cox Ranel Krista Burnett, Teacher Fifth Grade  
coming soon Madaleine Adams, Teacher Sixth Grade  
coming soon Donna Hernandez, Teacher   Sixth Grade  
coming soon Dana Jensen, Teacher   Sixth Grade  
coming soon Lyndsey Minnich, Teacher   Instructional Coach  
coming soon Indira Robello, Teacher   ESL  
Toll Nathan Shana Fannin, Teacher Special Ed  
coming soon Kelly Burnett, Teacher Special Ed  
Cox Sara Sarah Cox, SLP Speech  
Hall Heidi Heidi Hall, SLT Speech  
coming soon Mandee Soltys, Counselor   Counseling  
coming soon Dani Mahan, Therapist Counseling  
coming soon Mary Beus, Assistant Counseling  
Corbridge Loriann Lori Corbridge, Assistant Library
Olsen Tiffany Tiffany Olsen, Assistant  


coming soon Shannon Pickett, Manager Cafeteria
coming soon Susan Workman, Cook   Cafeteria  
Bennett Virginia Virginia Bennett, Cook   Cafeteria  
coming soon Heidi Pugmire, Assistant P.E.  
coming soon Becky Henderson, Assistant   PLC/Infini-D Lab  
coming soon Melanie Toll, Assistant PLC/Art  
coming soon Aracely Warner, Assistant   PLC/Mindfulness  
coming soon Katie Brockmeier, Assistant Teacher Aide  
 coming soon  Kayla Jones, Assistant    Teacher Aide  


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