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Parent Training - Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a worldwide problem that has been getting a great deal of attention recently.  The training and information reviews how to recognize the signs of possible human trafficking and how to report and work through these situations if they arise.  Attached is a link that will connect you to valuable information on this topic. To access, just click on the link, go to Utah, and fill out the information page.  This information is used for the purpose of tracking the number of people who access the training.  If you don't wish to enter your full name into this system, you may simply put a letter in the name bubbles.  A phone number is not required.  Once you click submit, you are given access to the website and all of its contents.  You can view any of the videos and information you would like at that point.  We want to do whatever we can to support you and your students on this important subject.