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Apps list for kindergarten



Below is a list of “Free Favorites!” for students getting ready for kindergarten. You will need to explore them and see what apps best fit your child’s needs at this time.  Most of the companies offer a free app that can then be upgraded later (for a minimal cost) if you see it is one your child really enjoys. 


Free Favorites List:

·        ABC Alphabet Phonics (lite)

·        ABC Magic

·        ABC Reading Magic 1

·        ABC Magic Spelling

·        Abc Pocket Phonics

·        Alphabet, Spelling, and Phonics!

·        Alphabet Tracing

·        Bubble ABC

·        Bubble Spell

·        Cimo Can Spell (lite)

·        Cimo Spelling Sight (lite)

·        Letter Quiz

·        Monkey Match

·        Phonics Awareness, 1st Grade

·        Profs Phonics 1


This one costs $.99, but it is super fun!!  I just had to include it!

·        Sound Sorting Beginning Sounds

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