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WSD Notifier Parents
Weber School District uses several methods to communicate important and timely messages to
parents. These methods include email, text messaging, district websites and social media. This
guide will explain how to receive and/or view any messages sent via the WSD Notification
system. Parents are encouraged to follow any or all of the following methods to ensure timely
Email Notifications
To receive email notifications, a parent must be registered at . If you are
already registered and need to change the email address that receives WSD Notification
messages, you can change it by clicking on “Preferences” from the top menu.
Note: Each parent must have their own MyWeber account to receive WSD Notification
messages via email and text.
Text Message Notifications*
To receive text message notifications on your mobile phone, you must have your cell phone
number listed in your MyWebe r account. To check your current listed contact information or to
update your mobile number login at and select “Preferences” from the top
Twitter Notifications*
You do not need to have a Twitter account to follow and receive text messages sent from the
WSD Notification Twitter account . Do the following to receive WSD Notification tweets as text
messages on your mobile device:
● Send “follow @wsdnotification” to the number “40404”
School and District Websites
The notification message will also be displayed on all school and district web pages. Simply visit any
of the sites to see the WSD Notification Message.
WSD Notification messages can also be viewed by following the Weber School District Facebook
*Message and data rates may apply