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WSD Chromebook Help

Remember, a Chromebook is not the same thing as a laptop. 

Not much gets saved to a hard drive on the Chromebook. All applications and file storage come from a cloud-based network from Google. That means anything you’ve worked on will automatically be saved and updated as you work. That also means that the Chromebook apps might need a little time to sync with the cloud before use each time you log into a wireless network.


  • Apps that won’t work. 

If you’re having trouble with apps (google docs, google drive, etc.) that say things like, “The application is unreachable,” or “This web page will not load,” etc., please try this first:

    • After logging in, make sure you’re still connected to the wireless network at your house.
    • Wait for a few minutes before trying to access any of the applications. (go get a drink, take out the garbage… whatever)
    • Then come back to the Chromebook to see if the apps have finished syncing.


Household internet connection speeds will vary. The time it takes to load files, programs, etc. will depend on this factor.

  • Wireless Connection Issues.
    • If you keep losing your connection, make sure you’re close enough to your wireless router to get a strong signal.
    • If lots of other devices are using the Wi-Fi at the same time on the same network (i.e. Phones, computers, Rokus, Apple TVs, etc.) it might cause bandwidth problems. This means your internet speeds might be pretty slow and your apps won’t work very well.



  • What to do if you’re clearly connected to the WiFi in your home, but the Chromebook is not able to access most of the regular web pages you need:
    • In this case, you need to follow these instructions:
      • Next, open the Chromebook and log in with your wsdstudent credentials
      • Wait for the desktop to load all application icons on the bottom of the screen (or wherever they are located).
      • If any Chrome web browser windows automatically open, close them.
      • Reopen the Chrome web browser and navigate to a web page. 
        • Don’t use a bookmarked page. Actually type in an address that is NOT bookmarked on your Chromebook like “”, etc.
        • Don’t go to a Weber School District associated web page (like Canvas, Gmail, Google Classroom, etc.). They won’t trigger the background application required for enabling the other websites you usually use at school.

From there, your wsdstudent credentials should sync to the Weber School District web filter and allow you to access to the web pages you need (as long as they’re approved and appropriate).



FIRST: Hardware Reset

 This resets all the hardware components of the Chromebook.

    1. Connect the Chromebook to power.
    2. Press and hold Refresh + tap Power
    3. Continue holding until your Chromebook starts up, release Refresh .
      1. This may require holding the refresh button for up to 1 minute. 
    4. The Chromebook will need to be charged after a Hardware Reset.


NEXT: Powerwash

This works like a factory reset.

    1. Press ESC + Refresh + Power .
    2. Upon the Reset this Chrome device screen or USB Recovery Stick screen; click Ctrl + D. (No Recovery Stick or USB at this time.)
    3. Enter
    4. Enable OS verification by pressing the Spacebar and Enter.
    5. System will restart after the Powerwash is complete.
    6. On the Welcome screen click the “Let’s Go” icon on the screen.
    7. On the Connect to Network screen select The name of your home network and connect using your home WiFi Username and password
    8. A Welcome Screen will appear; accept the Terms & Agreements.
    9. Enterprise Enrollment should be the next screen. 
      1. This will look similar to the normal login screen but will state Enterprise Enrollment. 
      2. In the event that the screen does not state Enterprise Enrollment press Ctrl+Alt+E.  
    10. Enter the enrollment credentials
      1. Your school username and password
    11. The Chromebook may auto-enroll and the above steps may not be required.
    12. Once enrolled the login screen will appear.
    13. Restart the Chromebook.


LAST: Update the Operating System

    1. Have the student logged into the Chromebook.
    2. Hover over the Time & Date information in the bottom right corner to expand.
    3. Click on the settings wheel.
    4. On the far left side of the screen scroll down to the About Chrome OS link.
    5. On this screen click Check for Updates.
      1. If there is an update it will automatically install after clicking Check for Updates.
    6. After the update installs, completely power the Chromebook off and back on. 
    7. Have the student log back into the Chromebook.
    8. Wait approximately one minute for apps to load.
    9. Test website connection. 


IF THE CHROMEBOOK IS PHYSICALLY DAMAGED OR AFTER THE ABOVE STEPS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED and the Chromebook still won’t work or is damaged, please fill out a form found HERE: 

Note: parents are responsible for the cost of repairs to Chromebooks that are damaged (beyond normal wear and tear) while they are in the students’ possession.  Please work with your student’s principal on this matter.