Community Council Notes 4.19.2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

5:06 PM

Discussion Item #1: Election of President of the council
General Discussion of procedure
Schedule for election - do we do it as part of the spring music program, prevention dimension etc, or end of school activities.
General point raised about the nature of the election technically the president of the council is not elected by the parents but rather the president is elected by the members of the council as previously elected by the parents.
Motion raised by several members of the council the need for election is not necessary due to the small number of those who volunteered to serve on the council. All who desired to be on the council can be as the number is not overwhelming.
Motion generally agreed upon by the body of the council not officially voted on but no dissenting opinions were raised.
Discussion closed with new motion to elect a president amongst the members of the council present in the meeting.
Election of President of the Council
Discussion amongst the council as to who would like to serve as president
Two members of the council expressed willingness to serve Jen McBride and Brian Hall
Jodi Brown motioned for Brian to serve as president.
Allan Noland Seconded the motion for Brian to serve
Motion was moved to a vote Brian was unanimously voted in as president of the council.
Discussion Item #2: Choice of Picture Vendor for the School
General Discussion of options
Two options being considered Bell photography and Interstate
Council wanted pros and cons of each vendor
Interstate Pros
Interstate provides a large poster that can be hung in the school which promotes a sense of pride in the students as they can visual see they are all part of the student body.
Interstate Cons
2.00 more on average
Bell Pros
No price increase
Easier to work with when it comes to yearbooks
Current vendor no need to change
Bell Cons
No big poster
One other point was noted the revenue value to the school is the same or nearly the same for either choice.
Motion was made to remain with Bell and seconded
Motion carried unanimously in the affirmative
Discussion Item #3: Sharp Survey results
Reviewed data surrounding mental illness and anti-social behaviors
One of the risk factors: family conflict is up significantly.
School staff noted an increase in trauma informed students.
Discussion shifted to the prevention programs at the school. A new one is coming known as NOVA
Several members of the council are familiar with this program.
Typically the program is executed in 6th Grade
The council noted the point that 6th grade is probably too late to start talking about this things. The age at which children are being exposed to these scenarios is much younger than it used to be.
The council made a motion to discuss the age at which NOVA or some other prevention program would be executed. The points of the discussion were:
6th grade is too late
The police force cannot spare the resources to execute the extensive program each year
4th grade is probably the point at which the initial program should be executed
Police force could come each year after that and re-emphasize the program in an assembly for 5th and 6th graders.
Cooperation of the school is critical for the program to be a success. Council members husband was a facilitator of the program and condensing the program to accommodate the academic schedule needs really short circuits the program.
Could the program be customized by age so that we do not overwhelm younger audiences with too much information.
Better to execute this at the beginning of the year so it can be foundational and reinforced throughout the year.
There was an official motion for a formal vote on executing the program in the 4th grade year the motion was seconded
The vote was unanimous for moving the program down to the 4th grade
Jodi Brown did not vote out of a conflict of interest as she works in behalf of the NOVA program.
After the vote there was additional discussion about the content of the program
Can we add trauma informed information to the Nova program
Mindfulness, Prefrontal cognition, meta cognition, thinking through trauma,
Help kids recognize their emotions so they can manage them.
Mindfullness is valuable enough to take a whole hour session of the program
Discussion Item#5: Next Meeting
Next meeting will be held in the September timeframe "beginning" of the next school year.
Meeting was adjourned until that time.

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