Community Council Agenda 3/17/15

Community Council Meeting November 4, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:05 A.M.


Members present:

Tommy Lee               Jean Peterson                       Mike Fazzio

Liz Staten                   Jody Brown               Annette Hall

Katie Ellis


Ashley Remkes                     Ashlee Schiffman      Ranel Cox

Veldon Wardle                      Bryan Lords


Welcome by Tommy Lee

1.         Mr. Lee read a letter from the Superintendent about SAGE testing. Mike expressed that the teachers are not satisfied with the scores, and are trying to improve.

2.         Jean Peterson discussed the Reading Plan.  The goal for the State is to have 90 % of all 3rd graders on reading level by 2020.  She reported that last spring the goal for our school was 78%.  We exceeded the goal by 4%. The State requires Elementary Schools to contact parents about at risk students (K-3).

3.         Mr. Lee explained the Final Report.  He reported that because of benefits that were not included in salaries, we were in the negative at the end of last year.  We are working on fixing it by not hiring a math AmeriCorps person, and by cutting a few hours with the Instructional aides.  He then read and explained a letter from Seth Pilkington from our Accounting Department.

4.         Mr. Lee showed the members a map of the lower parking lot and explained changes that are going to be made during dropping off and picking up students before and after school.

5.         Next meeting to be held February 17th, at 3:30 P.M.


Motion to adjourn by Jody Brown and Jean Peterson

Meeting adjourned at 7:55


Riverdale Elementary School

Community Council Agenda – March 18th, 2015

4:00 Media Center



1.Improvements/changes for next year’s plan

2.Voting procedures for next year’s council

3.Questions and Concerns




October 2015: 

Meeting was to introduce Melanie Johnson, she discussed her views and goals for Riverdale Elementary. There were 9 people in attendance and from those 9 they voted Annette Hall for President and Liz Staten for Secretary as those postions had not yet been filled. 


Community Council Minutes

January 2016

Members in attendance:

Cody Hansen,Annette Hall,Katie Cole,Tanya James,Ranel Cox,Melanie Johnson,Jeane Peterson,Ashley Remkis,Liz Staten

Principal’s Review

  • Mid year testing is about to begin
  • Mid Year Dibbles is complete- 64% on benchmark, 13% Just, 23% intensive
  • Sage Practice testing starts Feb 1
  • Real attendance issues. The school is tracking absences and will contact parents 3 absences teachers will call. 5 absences Cooper will call. 7 Mrs. Johnson will call. Those with 94% attendance will be able to attend the reward assembly Feb 1

Trust Lands Plan

Currently the plan is as follows:

$1,000 to library

Rest to salary for aid time

Possible options

$ to STEM

Mobe Max $5,000

Student rewards $1,000- allows the school to have small parties or give rewards for good behavior and academic achievements

Motion for 2016-2017 Trust Land Plan

$1,000 to Library

$1,000 Awards

The rest of the Trust Land Money goes to Aid time to help with reading, math, art, music etc

1st Annette hall

2nd Ranel Cox

Unanimous vote in favor of the proposed plan


Community Council Minutes

March 2016


Liz Staten and Melanie Johnson were the only ones that attended due to a transformer that had blown in the neighborhood. Liz and Melanie discussed the upcoming election. The election will be held at the Steve James Parent Night on April 27th, 2016. Ballots will be handed out to parents and gathered. There are 4 names on the ballot and 3 of the 4 names will be selected for community council. 


April 2016

April 27th 6:30 pm


330 ballots passed out. Annette Hall, Katie Cole, and Liz Staten won the majority of votes and will serve on the Community Council next year.